What is the automatic Diesel generator (ATS) switcher

Why is an automatic transfer switch (ATS) necessary?


In today's society, many machines and equipment are heavily dependent on electricity. Once a power failure occurs, it is possible to damage precision instruments or equipment. Without the automatic transfer switch (ATS), diesel generators need to be manually started in the event of a power failure, causing a waste of time and manpower, which can no longer meet the requirements of a modern intelligent society. Especially for some enterprises that cannot delay power restoration, generators with automatic transfer switches should be equipped. ATS is a way to keep your business and customers safe with electricity.


However, backup diesel generators are installed and use an automatic transfer switch (ATS), which ensures seamless power switching in the event of an instantaneous power outage. Although diesel generators are equipped with manual transfer switches, the generators must be turned on and off manually. Doing so will cause problems for many businesses and affect efficiency. For example, if some cold chain warehouses suddenly lose power in the middle of the night, you may find that when you go to work in the morning, much of your food has become smelly and must be thrown away, causing irreparable damage.


In general, the following businesses will rely on automatic transfer switches (ATS) for diesel generators:


Construction sites, schools, catering services, hotels, health care facilities, shopping malls, factories, warehouses.