How to deal with the water inflow of generator sets in rainy season

Due to structural constraints, the generator set cannot be completely waterproof. When the rainy season/typhoon season comes, the generator set may be affected by natural disasters such as floods and rainstorms. When water enters the generator set, the user must take necessary measures in time , Disconnect the external power supply and the battery connection line, do not run the engine, and do not try to turn the crankshaft, do not run the engine, and check the water ingress in each part.

Water Ingress Frequently Asked Questions

1. Check whether there is water discharged from the drainage components of the exhaust pipe (the lowest part of the exhaust pipe or the muffler).

2. Check whether there is water in the air filter shell and whether the filter element is soaked in water

3. Check whether there is water at the bottom of the generator casing.

4. Check whether the rotating parts such as radiator, fan and coupling are blocked.

5. Whether there is oil, fuel or water leakage from the outside.

6. Remove the rocker chamber cover and check for water ingress. Check generator winding insulation/contamination.

7. Check the insulation of the control line and the output circuit. Detect the control panel module, various instruments, alarm devices, and start switches.

Influent treatment method

1. Do all checks before starting, including draining the fuel tank. Power on the electrical system step by step, and observe whether there is any abnormality.

2. The time to continuously start the engine shall not exceed 30 seconds. If the engine cannot catch fire, check the fuel line and electrical circuit, and start again after a minute or two.

3. Check whether the engine sound is abnormal and whether there is any peculiar smell. Check the display of the electrical instrument and whether the LCD screen is broken or the display is not clear.

4. Closely observe the oil pressure and water temperature, if the oil pressure or temperature does not meet the technical specifications, the engine should be shut down. After stopping, check the oil level once.