Classification of diesel generator sets

There are many types of diesel generator sets, mainly divided into the following eight categories:

1. According to the fuel classification of the engine: it can be divided into diesel generator sets and composite fuel generator sets.

2. Classification according to speed: it can be divided into high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed diesel generator sets.

3. Classification according to usage conditions: it can be divided into land-based, marine, trailer-type and automotive-type diesel generator sets. Among them, land-based generating sets: including mobile and fixed. Land-based units can be divided into four types: ordinary type, automated type, low-noise type, and low-noise automated type.

4. According to the generator output voltage and frequency classification: it can be divided into AC generator set and DC generator set. Among them, AC generator sets include medium frequency 40Hz and power frequency 50Hz. The calibrated voltage of small and medium-sized generator sets with 50Hz power frequency is generally 400V, and the calibrated voltage of large generators is generally 630-1050V.

5. Classification according to the excitation mode of synchronous generator: it can be divided into rotating AC exciter and static exciter.

6. Classified by use: common units, standby units, emergency units.

7. Classification according to the method of control and operation: it can be divided into on-site operating generating sets, compartment operating generating sets and automated generating sets.

8. Classification according to automation functions: it can be divided into basic diesel generator sets, automatic starting diesel generator sets and microcomputer automatic control diesel generator sets.