What are the hazards to the generator if the generator operates at reverse power

There is no harm to the generator itself when the generator set operates in reverse power. But there are two points to note:

1. At this time, the generator changes to motor operation and will absorb active power from the system to maintain its synchronous operation. The excitation system does not change; but the system frequency may decrease. At the same time, reactive power is given to the power grid, which will not cause the system voltage to drop, but will only turn into a condenser operation.

2. As a turbine generator, when it enters the reverse power abnormal operation state, the main steam valve of the turbine has been closed, and the blades at the rear of the turbine cause blast losses due to friction with the residual steam, and the blades are damaged by overheating. Cause harm to the steam turbine. The above two reasons are the main hazards to steam turbines. Therefore, large units must be equipped with reverse power protection. This protection mainly protects the steam turbine.