What is the cause of black smoke from the exhaust pipe of diesel generator set

1. The oil supply time is incorrect


If the fuel supply time is too early, the pressure and temperature in the cylinder will be low, some of the fuel will be incompletely burned to form carbon particles, and the color of the exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust pipe will be gray-black. At this time, the oil supply time should be readjusted.


2. Poor atomization or dripping of fuel injector


The completeness of fuel combustion depends largely on the spray quality of the injector. If the fuel injector is poorly atomized or drips oil, the fuel cannot be mixed well with the air, resulting in the deterioration of the condition of the mixture, and the fuel will not burn completely and black smoke will be emitted. At this time, the fuel injector needs to be removed, and the Check the fuel injection pressure and fuel injection atomization on the test bench.


3. The fuel supply of the fuel injection pump is too large


If the large oil volume limit screw of the governor is not adjusted properly, the oil supply volume of each cylinder will increase at the same time, and if the oil supply volume is too large, the oil volume entering the cylinder will increase, and the air will be relatively insufficient, resulting in more oil and less air and incomplete combustion. Black smoke. At this time, the stroke adjustment screw can be properly screwed in to reduce the stroke of the gear rod, or the high-speed limit screw can be properly withdrawn to reduce the stroke of the gear rod.


4. Poor fuel quality or clogged air filter


Poor fuel quality, low operating temperature or overloaded operation will also cause black smoke. If the air filter is clogged, the air intake will not be sufficient, and black smoke will also be emitted. The phenomenon is that the diesel generator emits black smoke at high speed and low speed, and the air filter can be removed at this time. If the black smoke disappears, it means that the air filter is clogged and should be cleaned or replaced as appropriate.