Do you know when the diesel generator belt needs to be replaced?

When the diesel generator belt is used for a certain period of time, we need to replace it. At the same time, the generator set manufacturer provides you with original accessories to make subsequent use more convenient. Normally, when we replace the belt of the diesel generator set, we will ignore some details. However, errors in these details may cause some faults in your later use. If you do not deal with them in time, it may cause the diesel generator set to malfunction. shutdown phenomenon.

  The principle of replacing the belt of diesel generator set: Usually, we need to replace it when the belt has cracks in the unit. When there are cracks on the belt, the core is broken, the groove section is cracked, etc., it will cause the belt to be damaged. If the length of the fan becomes longer, there will be trouble in the transmission and the fan speed will be too slow. During daily inspections, we need to check whether there is a gap between the belt and the fan, whether the base is cracked, and whether there is wear on the side of the belt. Whenever these conditions occur, we need to import and replace them.